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These days, I'm preparing my new work and some projects.
New company, new contract.... so it's not easy the work because I think it is perfectly new product in Japan also Asia.
Don't retired my athlete career, but now I'm concentrating the project. Still continuing my fencing life.

2 weeks ago, I came back to Japan from Italy because in this situation Covid-19, I decided to do new my destination in Japan.
From 2016, for 5 years.. Gemina Scherma invited me in Italy.
I really appreciate to my coaches Cristian Rascioni( why I can't tag him?) and Sara Vicenzin and my teammates, my...host family.
Ciao ciao my home in Italy.... so sad...

I already miss Italian life, SGN...FVG. My hometown can't heard a birds chirping, don't live cows and horses. I hope to when after the Covid, I will go to Italy again. Or fencing camp?
I love Italy and Japan.

So few days ago, I remembered the video. This is my PV.
Created by Gaku Murakami.
Now our life have changed but I'm thinking about how can we improve in the situation. Don't stop.
Unfortunately, I decided to cancel my fencing camp last week.
If anyone still want to practice fencing, tell me!!!

Anyway, yeah my Kushizzi Project will be a company on 24/12. This is my Christmas gift!!! from myself!! hahaha.
This company is supplying fencing gears and creating international projects, also fencing coaching projects.

So this is my news. My overseas friends! Let's connect with my company!! I'm looking forward to....open ...border..flight...😭

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