Stay at home




This paragraph from sabrefamily on instagram.



Would you know the world news?



Still opening and working on our country.

BUT many countries are closing and stopping for everything.


#sabrefamily are not saying that you don’t train and fence.


Keep attention. Stay safe.



You can do everything at home or another safe space.


Think better. We can do it. Don’t give up.



If you can read this English, try to search the world news on internet.



You’ll be get to some information about the #covid_19 and #worldnews .



We hope to connect from Japan to all over the world. Mn? This paragraph is not correct English?




Yeah no problem, the writer isn’t native speaker. But she can write to English.



Grammar? Not important, not perfect.



Dear #japansabrefamily , if you have a free time now, let’s try to study English. Try try try.





Stay safe, take care. #quarantine #quarantineandchill #stayathome #study #forzaitalia #allovertheworld