My project until September

So, I'm writing my blog in Engish today, because....

Next April I have to try the English exam... hahaha.



On January I went to Japan for 2 weeks more, there were a lot of problems,

finally I came back to Italy 2 weeks ago, but my illness hasn't  perfect recovered,



Why did I come back in Italy???



My project is towords two World Cups in March,

I am registered in Athens and Belgium, may be these are my last World Cups in this season. I'll doing my best.



Also I'm preparing to getting language certification, English certification and Italian.

Why? I want to qualify for a Fencing coach in the future, after September.


Why after September?


I wil RE-CHALLANGE Japan National Championships on September.


Actually, I lost it on December 2018, the result was best 32.

On Janually 2019, I lost the Would cup in Salt lake city.

LOST LOST LOST.. I know. It's a mental problem, I know.



My heart is weak to pressure. That pressure is what I created.

I have many good skills, tactics and feeling.

It is important to express that control well in the compete.


Therefore, I will continue to challenge a player until September.


Afterwards, I don't know about the my future, I may keep players.



I don't know it.



It's my project until September.




After Olympics, I'll open my fencing club in Japan,

This is my life working, but now I'm an athlete.



Sometimes I get various criticisms when I'm working or creating my project.

I'm trying my first challenge as a Japanese, thanks to my kindness Italian coaches and helpful friends,
So I don't think that I want it understand to everyone.




I want to make a country where players will not enter the bench of the competition.



I want to make a country where there are places to training and a lot of excellent coaches.



I can do it, we can do it.



How is my English?? I'm using internet also,

if you finds a mistake, please tell me!!!!!



Good night.